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Quality Health Care, LLC is located in Knoxville,TN. It was founded in 2003 by Irina Kopt Abrams, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. The mission of this organization is to provide high quality health care to all in need, regardless of financial situations. We offer low cost office visits and house calls to all including the uninsured and self-pay.

Irina Kopt Abrams graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1999 with a Masters in Nursing Science, as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has experience in Family practice, Internal and Emergency Medicine, Ocupationl Health, Chronic Pain Management, Psychiatric Evaluation and Management, Geriatric and Addiction Medicines.

Dr. Barnes serves as a Medical Director of Quality Health Care, LLC. He has over 10 yrs of experience. His background includes Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospice, as well as Addiction Medicine.